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Fanciful Fascinators at Ladies Day - Royal Ascot 2019

The millinery did not have a particular theme. I must admit that some years, I don't find anything that I liked. Last year was like that. This year's designs feature bold colors, which I am dearly needing as the Kentucky skies have been gray for a week. I was started to get cranky, then I realized that the sun had been non-existent.

For those that know me, I am a lover of anything tea related. The tea pot pouring bright pink and red flowers was my favorite. An engineering feat if nothing else. The white and gold tea cup and tea pot are a nice balance to the profusion of bright flowers.

I absolutely adore this tea themed millinery masterpiece.

Being a red head and loving movement, I was entranced with the middle fascinator. I would wear it in a heart beat! Maybe not the most practical in terms of eating, drinking or even using a cell phone but certainly memorable and a fashion statement.

The movement and color in this fascinator is just that, truly fascinating.

The Anglophile in me loves the Union Jack dress. Designing a dress like this is no easy feat. The stripes and colors have to be matched up carefully.

Nothing says Ascot like Union Jack apparel.

I always enjoy watching men's suits as well. While I love the traditional black top hat, this fire engine red top hat worn by a "ginger" as the British say, is wonderful! Check out his Waverly inspired floral tie and hot pink rose. He certainly has an eye for color and the confidence to wear it. The ladies' hats are wonderful too. The house on the woman's fascinator on the right is certainly whimsical and eye catching. I want to hang out with this crew as they know how to have a good time!

This fashionably creative group seems to be having a ball!

Join us next year at Ladies Day at Royal Ascot. Look for us in the Queen Anne Enclosure. Now, I must start planning what to wear...

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