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Dreams Do Come True!

My clients at Royal Ascot

One of the wonderful aspects of my business is that I get to help clients make their dreams come true. They get invited to the Kentucky Derby or Royal Ascot. However, they get overwhelmed trying to figure out what to wear, how to wear it, etc. Looking good is never easy, as a dear friend says!

My hats have gone to the world's most prestigious events and locations. I must admit at times, I get a bit jealous! I have felt like Cinderella at times - staying behind and sewing while everyone else has fun.

I decided in 2019 that I would leave my comfort zone in the dust and go for my dreams. In February, I came up with the idea to organize an elite tour to Ladies Day at Royal Ascot. I was tired of dreaming and just decided to take life by the horns! I planned a few other events around the trip (such as a private tour and tea at Highclere Castle), did this website and the rest is history. The trip is 80% sold out in only 2 months of being announced.

The ladies that I am travelling with have all told me that Royal Ascot was on their bucket list also.

Life goes by so very quickly and the most important things in life aren't necessarily things. They are experiences and time spent with great friends.

The client pictured above was named Victoria, one of my favorite names. She sent me a picture of her dress. I later found out that Bella Rose, a local boutique, carried that same dress. The kind ladies at Bella Rose let me borrow the dress to design Victoria's hat around the dress. It worked and the rest is history! Victoria had a fabulous day at Royal Ascot.

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