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Celebrating Queen Victoria's 200th Birthday!

Like many of you, I am a big fan of the PBS Victoria and Albert series. Queen Elizabeth II withstanding, Queen Victoria is my favorite monarch. She managed to balance having a huge family while reigning over Great Britain during a time of tumultuous change.

Kensington Palace

Victoria became Queen at the tender young age of 18, with conniving relatives swarming around her, hoping that she would fail. She had no one to train or lead her. Victoria had no real friends, only her governness and Dash, her beloved dog. I find this tiny lady compelling and also, a real inspiration.

Having visited Kensington Palace last week, I saw the stair case where Victoria first met Albert. It was a small stair case in the back. My picture of that did not come out very well.

I walked down the main steps that she wanted to race down, but her governness, Letzhen would not let her. She always had to hold another person's hand while going down the stairs for fear of falling and meeting an unfortunate end.

The site where Victoria and Albert first met.

On the Ascot 2020 tour, we will be doing a tour of Kensington Palace. Other famous residents of Kensington Palace include Lady Diana, Princess of Wales. Now her son, William and his wife, better known as Kate, live at Kensington Palace, along with their growing family.

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